A Family Story



A passion and a common love for the creation of jewelry united a mother and her daughter, already very close, in the launch of the brand Jolly Jungle. Despite a history not always easy and affected by illness, the strength of the family and the desire to share, gave birth to a project full of life and ambition.

Jolly Jungle inspires a festive mood with its bright colors coming from elsewhere. Indeed, it is through numerous discoveries and travels that Nathalie and Thaïs find the inspiration to create their limited collections of jewelry, clothing and accessories. Original pieces with a completely unique ethno-chic look. 

The Swiss brand's mission is to offer quality jewelry, clothing and accessories, designed with love and ecological awareness, at affordable prices. Jolly Jungle also offers the chance to other Swiss designers to make themselves known by presenting their creations in store and by supporting local manufacturing.



Our Engagement

One aspect that defines Jolly Jungle's primary identity is its ecological awareness. We emphasize local manufacturing, created in our workshop, or by artisans and cooperatives that share our values and vision. Always in the spirit of discovery and sharing, we offer limited collections or unique pieces from these same Swiss designers in our boutiques and online.



In order to stick to our values, we only work with workshops where we can be present and which are approved by Fair Trade Federation. Indeed, we are committed to visiting regularly the premises with which we work. This allows us to build relationships with the people involved and thus guarantee the smooth running of the creation process.


Besides our ethical values, we also adopt animal and environmental friendly alternatives by using vegetable leather, organic cotton, Lyocell, recycled materials and many others. Jolly Jungle is very proud to be presented as a vegan and cruetly free brand.

Our Image

Jolly Jungle creations are recognizable through various aspects such as the use of silver and stones. From moonstone and its effects of intuition, femininity, protection, sensitivity and softness, to amethyst, known for its effects of serenity, creativity, imagination, humility and wisdom, our jewelry will bring an elegant and chic touch to your daily life. 
Another style that you will find in our clothes is warm and colorful fabrics, selected during visits to the beautiful country of Thailand, and reworked to create original and unique pieces to the brand. This touch of warmth and travel is the perfect combination of Jolly Jungle's image.
Finally, another technique the brand uses to reduce waste is the recycling of vintage pieces. Jolly Jungle is proud to offer a second life, for example, to a jacket with a hole in it, which will then be customized with a patch or embroidery, making the piece absolutely unique. 
The watchwords of the brand are: chic, ethical, colorful and unique!