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Bijoux scarabée Jolly Jungle

The beetle, its meaning and its origin

The scarabeh East and beetle insect mysticism and mythique! It has a long history associated with mythology and spirituality. He symbolis mainly the power, the renaissance And the protection.

Sculpture for the Union of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy, 1390–53 BC. J-C

In Egyptian mythology, he is associated with the moon goddess, Hathor, and the sun goddess, Khepri, who were both considered protective deities. Cand insect onebelonging from commIt is and porteuro of goodit is fortune. The East It isgalement considIt isera commIt is and protecteuro of the andbig And and guide For THE morts towards l'At-of theTo. Moreover, thehe beetle was considered a symbol of resurrection, as the Egyptians believed that this insect pushed its mud ball (which contained its eggs) through the desert, thus symbolizing rebirth and eternal life

Dyears certainis cultures, the scarabeh East It isgalement considIt isera commIt is and symbbe of the bringshe rushedIt is And from crIt isativity. It is attributed to him transformation, change and growth.

It is also a beautiful symbol filled with beautiful meanings full of good vibes! Our scarabs are hand carved in natural stones which makes them even more magical! Each piece is unique, just like you


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