Handmade with lots of love and a bit of magic ☽ ✧ ☾

All our creations are handmade, each piece is slightly different and this makes it even more beautiful and unique ♥


We start by drawing inspiration from a trip, an encounter, a stone,... Then we imagine, draw and also think about the more technical side of the piece.

Le casting

The technique we mainly use is that of "casting". That is, we make a centerpiece or in wax. This operation, carried out in our workshops in Switzerland, is extremely important because every little detail will be replicated on the final product. This step can take time and several attempts before obtaining the perfect piece ♥ It is then necessary to manufacture a mold in which the metal will be cast.

The magic happens

Once the part has been cast, it is necessary to unmold, remove the casting chimneys, before crimping, polishing, welding and creating the magic of each part. It's a long job because everything is done by hand and requires a lot of know-how. But it is all these steps that guarantee the quality sought by Jolly Jungle.

It is not finished...

Finally, you have to give life to the necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even rings by assembling and inspecting the different parts. We always finish by purifying our creations with sage and taking a moment to "set an intention".

Our stones ♥

The choice of stones is very important to us. We use natural stones that we choose with a lot of attention and a little by feeling. Whether set or as a pendant, it will bring you a lot of happiness and joy.