Our engagement

One of the aspects that defines the identity of Jolly Jungle is its vision of fashion. We promote local manufacturing. The majority of the pieces are created in our workshops in Switzerland. We are also proud to support artisans and international cooperatives who share our vision. We only work with producers that we
are pleased to meet regularly or who are approved by Fair Trade Federation.  

In order to avoid any waste, we work in circular production as much as possible. We are proud to use 80% recycled silver. Jewels that are not sold are used to create new pieces. We adopt the same vision for textiles, we offer unique pieces of vintage clothing reworked in our Swiss workshops. We are constantly working to reduce our ecological impact!

Alongside these values, we also choose alternatives that are respectful towards animals and the environment by using vegetable leather, organic cotton, Lyocell, recycled materials and many others. Jolly Jungle is very proud to be presented as a vegan and cruelty free brand.

  • Local

  • Vegan

  • Ethics

  • Circular

We love our mother Earth ♥