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Vertus Grenat Jolly Jungle

The properties of Garnet

The origin of its name:

The term garnet is derived from the Latin expression which means fruit containing
seed. This expression then refers to the pomegranate, whose seeds have a brilliant hue similar to that of garnet stones.
Today, the term garnet is commonly used to describe anything red in French.

At Jolly Jungle, Garnet, we love it! Why ? 

Because this stone would bring happiness and vitality and it would encourage audacity and confidence. Its ability to boost self-confidence would allow those who wear it to excel in everything they do. Garnet would also have the ability to instill a feeling of power in the one (or the one ;)) who wears it.
In addition, when Garnet is worn in jewelry, its energizing power would help people who have a lack of energy and a feeling of continual fatigue and would invigorate the body and bring renewed vitality.

Stone of courage, Garnet would allow you to fill up with inner strength to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. The garnet red stone promotes feelings of peace and tranquility. It is a grounding stone that helps ward off bad emotions; and that we all need!

Garnet is also said to have the ability to generate affection for others, making individuals sympathetic. It would encourage people to listen and understand without passing judgment.

A little history

The garnet stone has played an essential role in the history of religions and beliefs. In the Bible, garnet would have been used by Noah to guide his ark in the darkness of the flood. The Fourth Heaven, according to the Quran, would be built of this crimson stone. The Vikings used garnets for

transport the deceased to their paradise, Valhalla, during funeral rites.

This stone became a symbol of friendship and courage in the Middle Ages. A garnet was offered to the traveling companions
to keep them strong.

A little magic...

Carte photo Smiley
Photo carte Smiley
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Kimono Mi-Long Tigres Noir
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Carte HBD Cutie
Pyjama garden - home summer - Jolly Jungle
Pyjama garden - home summer - Jolly Jungle
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carte happy birthday flower


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