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Vertus Quartz Rose Jolly Jungle

The properties of Rose Quartz

Quartz Rose :
Rose quartz has been used since 7,000 BC, according to legend. Rose quartz face masks were also said to have been used by Egyptian and Roman women to brighten skin tone and prevent wrinkles.

Rose quartz is commonly used today as jewelry, for meditation, and as decoration in homes and offices.

Rose quartz is a pale pink stone from the quartz crystal family.

Strawberry rose quartz refers to the deeper pink varieties of this stone. Lavender rose quartz is a pale purple variety.

Rose quartz is a mineral composed primarily of silicon dioxide molecules that form at temperatures ranging from 400°C to 700°C (752°F to 1,292°F). This crystal is found all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden and Germany.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:
Rose quartz crystal encourages emotional bonding, but apart from its romantic benefits, this stone can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy or childbirth. The benefits of rose quartz crystal allow the wearer to sleep comfortably by preventing negative dreams and inducing beautiful dreams. 

Placed in any room of the house, rose quartz stone can restore health and harmony, resulting in unconditional love between family members or couples. Rose quartz has a variety of remarkable applications, some of which are as follows:

• Physical health: 
When rubbed gently with a polished rose quartz stone, rose quartz is very beneficial in soothing burns and blisters. It helps in the treatment of almost all skin diseases, reduces wrinkles and, above all, helps to eliminate unwanted scars. Rose quartz contributes to the proper functioning of the heart and the circulatory system, preventing stress, skipped heartbeats, tension and even regulating the heart rate. Rose quartz, which is known to increase fertility, is also beneficial for the female reproductive system and genitals. It also helps solve sexual problems and assists pregnant women during difficult deliveries.

• Emotional healing:
The healing properties of the soft pink color of rose quartz include healing any emotional heart wounds the wearer may experience. It allows a person to move forward in life and focus on all the positive aspects of life. The Rose Quartz gemstone is thought for people who have suffered personal loss or for those who want to be loved.

• Healing of the heart: 
Rose Quartz is an important gemstone for the heart and heart chakra as it teaches the true meaning of love and purifies the heart on all levels. The heart chakra, which is located near the middle of the breastbone, allows us to be ourselves by controlling what we desire and what we resist. Rose Quartz helps the wearer to satisfy previously unfulfilled needs and desires in relationships, as it can bring all other chakras into harmony.

Protection of the environment against electromagnetic radiation:
Rose Quartz is beneficial for calming your surroundings and protecting you from environmental pollution. When a rose quartz crystal is placed next to the bed, it can prevent headaches and eye strain, and has been shown to be effective against earth radiation, thereby improving sleep quality.


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