Maintenance tips

Taking care of your 925 silver jewelry

925 silver supports water very well. You can therefore keep your jewel in the shower, while washing your hands, and even at sea... However, you must be careful with the stones in your jewel, because not all of them have the same hardness and certain stones risk to lose their luster.
Additionally, we recommend removing your piece to apply cosmetics and perfume.
925 silver can oxidize if it is not worn or if you have very acidic skin, you can find products to clean it in supermarkets or drugstores. Again, pay special attention to stones. 


Taking care of your brass jewelry

Brass is a great material if you like gold but you don't want your jewelry to lose its gilding. It is an alloy of copper and gray zinc.

In order to keep your brass jewelry sparkling, we advise you to remove it to go to the swimming pool or the sea.Avoid contact with cosmetics and household products


To clean it, Perhaps the best known method is to wash your brass jewelry with soapy water. Take a soft toothbrush and scrub gently, rinse with water and dry well.

You can also use toothpaste or lemon juice.


Also note that if your skin is very acidic, your jewelry will require more regular maintenance.