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Discover the stone you need

The crystals have always been our allies. Whether it's to get away from the wrong waves, help us crave ourselves, to find joy, there's a crystal for every moment!

Need to ward off bad energy?

There labradorite is a stone very known for its ability to distance negative energies. It is very well known for its protection properties.
It is also famous to help dissolve negative thinking patterns and balance emotions.

Need to reconnect to your femininity?

There moon stone is considered a stone associated with femininity and spirituality. It is known for its gentle and soothing energies, as well as for its balancing and harmonizing properties. Moonstone is often used to support intuition, introspection, and emotional connection. It is known to help women connect with their inner femininity, balance their hormonal cycles and support their fertility. It is also said to help soothe emotional imbalances, promote self-love and strengthen intuition.

Need to relieve yourself of stress?

Lapis Lazuli is the stone you need! It is considered a soothing crystal, able to foster a feeling of inner calm and tranquility while helping to soothe anxiety and tumultuous emotions

Need to sleep better?

The Rose Quartz will be your ally! It's a soothing and soothing stone. These virtues favor a restorative sleep and a quieter night.

Big change in your life?

The Strawberry Quartz will be your best companion! This crystal is associated with personal growth, self-confidence and transformation. The strawberry quartz also encourages personal growth and openness to new opportunities! This makes him ideal emotional support during transition periods.

Need inspiration?

Turquoise is known to release creative blockages and encourage authentic self-communication. It helps to think originally and explore new ideas. When you feel stuck or need a creative boost, the turquoise can be a powerful tool to connect to your source of interior inspiration and express your true artistic essence.


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