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Photo de Hulki Okan Tabak

Meaning of the Protective Eye

The protective eye is an ancient cultural symbol that is often associated with protection, luck and safety. It is considered a strong talisman who can take away evil spells, negative forces and dangers.

The protective eye can be represented in different ways, but it is usually represented by a circle with a central point and rays emanating from this point. In some cultures, the eye is associated with a divinity that protects and protects people.

The protective eye is often worn as pendants, rings, bracelets or earrings, and is commonly regarded as a symbol of good luck for those who wear it. It can also be engraved on everyday objects, such as doors, mirrors and vehicles, to strengthen its protective power.

In summary, the protective eye is an ancient symbol associated with protection, luck and safety, and it is often worn as a jewel to attract these qualities in the life of the wearer.


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